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Beauty and luxury in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje

Welcome to our heritage hotel. The only hotel of this categorization in Northwestern Croatia. It was the home of the famous writer and politician Ksaver Šandor Gjalski, real name Ljubomil Tito Josip Franjo Babić, and was built at the end of the 18th century.

Gredice, the place where the castle is located and Gjalski became synonymous, the embodiment of the spirit of Hrvatsko Zagorje, life in castles and manors of the last century. The Gredice estate once belonged to the Gubaševo estate and the Gubaš-evečki (Gubašoci) family, the village Gubaševo named after them. It has been a prominent family since the 16th century, from which a famous judge, several Zagreb canons, the court chancellor and other high officials come.

On their estate Gubaševečki had a wooden kurija(Building). Gjalski was born in Gredice 1854 and there he died in 1935. Today Castle Gjalski, after many years, shines again, proud and in full glory of the surrounding green hills. A new look, given by a native entrepreneur, reveals recognizability of the lavish times of noble mansions and castles.

Construction is marked as an immovable cultural good – individually, the legal status of protected cultural property, classified as profane architectural heritage.

Interesting details about Hrvatsko Zagorje

In addition to numerous castles, mansions and museums, in the heart of Zagorje are more than 100 hidden churches and chapels, 17 archeological sites and protected animal and plant species. There are also numerous marked hiking trails, equestrian and cycling routes.

Castles and mansions

Hrvatsko Zagorje abounds in the history of castles and manors. 54 of them will be found scattered throughout the Krapina-Zagorje County and are really worth visiting.

Thermal baths and spas

Hrvatsko Zagorje is filled with thermal springs, which is also a predisposition for spa tourism, among the most famous spas is Krapinske Toplice.

Active holiday

With its landscape and relief structure, the entire county abounds in hiking trails through forests, marian roads and a multitude of bike trails.

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